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The location for craft courses in Amsterdam


De Openbare WerkPlaats would like to contribute to a sustainable society.


We are in favor of doing more with what you have through recycling or prolonged use of products. Stuff can be repaired or made into something new.

  1. For the heating of our workplace we have a large central fireplace, which is fueled by waste wood from the workplace.
  2. We use as much green energy as we can – even our website is hosted green.
  3. We offer a place where skills and crafts can be developed and passed on, making them remain alive.
  4. If we buy stuff we choose responsible products and materials that are more environmentally friendly. We use as little as possible and our cleaning products are ecological.
  5. We choose to work with local suppliers to minimize transport and to strengthen the position of the Openbare WerkPlaats (and the neighborhood itself).
  6. We provide a comprehensive waste disposal system (wood, iron, aluminum, plastics, paints, sealants, aerosol cans, organic and residual waste). Also, materials designated as waste for one person, can can serve as raw materials for an other.
  7. We strive to give room to people who no longer function in the regular workflow.
  8. When the time comes, we plan to install solar panels and collectors on the roof and also extra insulation of the building to reduce energy consumption and noise.