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Are you and your team facing serious challenges in the areas of communication, quality and / or collaboration? And are you looking for experiential training that is effective and slightly different? You have come to the right place at the Public Workplace.

No post-its and powerpoints here, but wood and metal. No role plays and endless discussions, but rolling up your sleeves and go.

In our professional workplace, your team will start working with a physical product for a fictional client under time pressure. During this practical process you will experience and learn:

  • in which pitfalls you (quickly) fall with the team and how you can stay out of it;
  • which work agreements, communication, division of tasks and quality indicators really help to make an (end) product;
  • work together in such a way that the end product is ready in time and meets the wishes and specifications of a client;
  • Practically test assumptions directly instead of talking about them for (too) long.

In short, an unforgettable hands-on experience and concrete tips and tools that are directly applicable in your own practice.

The course of action consists of:

  • an intake interview with two highly experienced trainers;
  • a clear offer and a customized program that is very precisely tailored to your issue and wishes for improvement;
  • honest and direct feedback from the trainers who guide, deepen and personalize the learning experiences. Always with a cheerful note and with respect for (personal) limits;
  • A workplace with professional machines and professional guidance to use them safely.

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