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Private course Furniture Making


Do you want to build your own furniture? You can learn how to operate our woodworking machinery in just 3 hours (morning, afternoon or evening). This (semi-)private lesson is available for one or two people during the day or a group of 3-4 people in the evening. You’ll learn how to work faster and more precise then with your own (electric) tools at home. The instruction is based on what you want to make and will cover the possibilities and limitations of our woodworking machines. Safety is our number one priority! After completing this crash course, you can come back to the WerkPlaats and work on your own projects independently.

  • Goal: learn how to safely operate machinery for solid wood.Target group: Anyone who wants precise and fast results with solid wood.
  • Level: BASIC-advanced-expert.
  • Duration: 3 hours, by appointment.
  • Content: Brief introduction to the world of solid wood. Getting acquainted with cutting, surfacing, gluing, etc.
  • Teachers: Lea Israels, Pien Wijling, Michael Silver or Edwin Zwiggelaar
  • Form: solo, duo or group 3-4 people
  • Machines: Panel saw, crosscut and mitre saw, band saw, thicknesser, planer, drill press, sanding belt and hand-tools.
  • Peculiarities: material included.

Our courses are largely demand-driven. The order of subjects and the attention per subject can therefore differ per course, depending on the needs of the participants.

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3 hours: 1 person (daytime), 3 hours: 1 person (evening), 3 hours: 2 persons (daytime), 3 hours: 2 persons (evening), 3 hours: 3-4 persons (evening)