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Workplace prices

The Public Workshop provides work and storage space, tools, machines, support in word, deed and (small) materials. Workstations, machines and tools can be rented by the day and consumables can be purchased by the piece. The prices are clear; you pay for what you use. The counter does not immediately start running with every part, however, the stove must be able to burn.

Prices are in Euros and exclusive of 21% VAT (the amount including 21% VAT is shown in brackets).

Rental of the workstations, tools and machines is always per 4-hour daypart: from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (availability in the evenings is very limited and mainly depends on required course workstations, whether you can work independently ens how familiar you are with us). We expect you to leave everything tidy for subsequent users after your working hours.


One-time registration fee

Registering with the Public Workshop costs a one-time fee of €25 (£30). For this you will receive a tour of the workshop and fun memento. At that time we would also like to know what you want to do and what you can do, both from a safety point of view, and so that we can facilitate you as well as possible. Finally, we discuss our “House Rules,” which you also sign up for.


Rental prices workbench, tools and machines

You rent a workbench from us, including the use of our large fixed machines and the hand tools. Separately, we also rent an assortment of electric and cordless tools for €5 or €10 per daypart (€6 or €12), depending on the machine.


There are 3 sizes of ‘workbench’ available:

  1. Standard, perfect for most jobs: € 35,-(€ 42,-) per daypart.
  2. Large, for jobs where more space and/or floor space is needed: €50,- (60,-) per daypart.
  3. XL, for jobs that really require a lot of square meters: € 65,-(79,-) per half day (incl. 2nd person as ‘collaborator’ for free).
  • For the use of our motor bridge (incl. hand tools), we charge 30,- per half day.


We apply (in consultation) various surcharges on top of the above amounts:

  1. Material usage: 10,- (12,-) per extra meter/kilo (for welding, blasting and milling, among others);
  2. Storage: 10,- (12,-) per m2 per week (or part thereof)
  3. Intensive use: 20,- (25,-) per machine to compensate for occupation and extra wear.
  4. Disposal of woodchips: 10,- (12,-) per bag.
  5. Participation: 10,- (12,-) per extra person if someone comes along to do hand and handshake.


Scratch Card

It is possible to deposit a credit in advance on a so-called ‘Scratch Card’, with 2 advantages: you get 10% discount on regular prices from a credit of € 200 and you do not have to pay every day. Studenten krijgen een korting van 20% op de normale prijzen vanaf €100 krediet.



We have different types and sizes of workbenches available. Fill in the form when and in which department you would like to work (in particular), together with the size of your workplace and, of course, the number of half-days. We would also like to know which machine(s) you plan to use primarily.

Rental prices own workspace

The workspaces can be rented from € 320,- (€ 387,-) per month for 20 m2 of workspace, excluding electricity and excluding obligatory buy-off use of 1 standard workplace in our Werkplaats (meaning: usage of the fixed machines) for 430,- (520,-) per month. The workspaces, if available, can be rented from 1 month.

Do you have a job that’s too big or too expensive for a temporary workspace, but too short for one? Check out Workbench for an alternative or contact us for a custom solution. 

Rental prices storage space

We also offer storage for work in progress. Dit kan per week, of deel daarvan, voor € 10,- (€ 12,-) per m2.


Prices assistance or independent production

We like to share our knowledge and always try to think with you. If we are specifically asked to contribute and think about work, we charge €50 (€65) per hour. If we are asked to produce something independently, we have an hourly rate of € 65,- (€ 79,-), including pre-calculation & machine use.



Payment can be made in 2 ways (always by card):

  • At the end of the labor done;
  • with a pre-purchased credit, keeping track of the workplace used, surcharges, storage and the like on a ‘Scratch Card’.


Download our full Price List January 2022 OWP in PDF format here.