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Do you want to learn how to build a complete house installation? What, for example, is the function of a group box or a flow meter? You will learn how to read an electrical drawing and how to install a wall socket, changeover switch, doorbell and (exterior) lighting according to the current standard: NEN1010.

Every (garden) house has them, basic chores or repairs that still need to be done: loose electrics, leaky faucets, drilling & screwing, filling in a damaged wall, simple woodworking, etc. Would you maybe like to be able to hang a painting yourself?

Lead has long since ceased to be cast, but water pipes are still mostly made of copper pipe. Drains are nowadays made of PVC and PP. During this course you will learn the basics of the trade: bending copper, fitting it, crimping (the couplings), but also soldering.

Are you between 5 and 12 years old and would you like to make a robot or a marble maze with your father, mother, uncle, aunt or other adult? Do you know what you want but the adult doesn’t know exactly how? Do you want to (learn to) work with tools and wood?