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OWP Gift Voucher


Do you want to give someone a course or time in our workshop as a present? It is possible to purchase a gift voucher from us online. That is possible! It is possible to purchase a gift certificate from us and then have it redeemed by the lucky person. This way you can physically give something during the special occasion.

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How does it work?
1. Choose the desired value of the gift voucher by selecting the correct ticket.
2. Click “Book this Course”.
3. Follow the instructions of the reservation & payment system.
4. Under “comment”, enter the name of the beneficiary and any further information.
5. Pay with iDeal.

We ensure that you receive a digital version of the gift voucher by email. To be able to redeem the gift voucher, it is important for the beneficiary to contact us and to see together when and where he or she wants to work. The unique order number and the ticket ID that you receive by e-mail when you make the payment are the means of control for us to know who subsequently comes to the WorkPlace or to the desired course. Upon confirmation we will send a digital (and completed) version of the gift voucher by email.

The gift voucher has no limitation in terms of validity, but is not refundable for money.

If you have specific questions or wishes, please mail or call (020-4680581).