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zaagmachine en 2 cursisten
zaagmachine en 2 cursisten

Modern Furniture Making


  • Duration: 6 evenings in 6 weeks (6 x 3 hours) from 7 pm to 10 pm. Please note: no course in school holidays OR
  • Duration: 3 Sundays in 3 weeks (3 x 6 hours) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please note: no course during school holidays
  • Goal: to be able to independently make a piece of furniture from sheet material.
  • Target group: Anyone who wants to learn how to work quickly and efficiently with (wooden) sheet material. Level: BASIC-Advanced-Expert.
  • Content per evening:
  • 1st: Workshop instructions: working safely with the table saw.
  • 2nd: Continued workshop instructions: working with the Lamello cutter, router and saw table, gluing and clamping.
  • 3rd: Getting started with the drill string, small power hand tools and the sanding table.
  • 4th: Work independently on table legs and table top.
  • 5th: Assembly table and prepare finishing. Time for tips, tricks and advice on your own projects.
  • 6th: Final assembly of the side table and finishing: sanding and painting. Tips for professional paintwork.
  • Teachers: Tonny Yang, Aad Kruiswijk, Jan Holtslag.
  • Group size: 4 to 6 people.
  • Machines: format saw, router, Lamello cutter, Domino cutter, belt sander and various hand tools. Details: including material.

Most furniture today is made of sheet material. In this course you will learn all the steps from idea to piece of furniture by making your own side table. You work with large woodworking machines, electric hand tools (including Lamello cutter and Domino cutter) and old-fashioned hand tools. You will learn which shapes, sawing techniques, modern wood connections and finishes are possible with wooden plates (glued and/or pressed). Ultimately, after this course you will be able to make the piece of furniture yourself that may have been in your head for a long time, such as a cupboard, bed, table or even a kitchen.