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Company training

Do you want to work on creativity, quality and cooperation within your team? And are you looking for a training that is slightly different? You have come to the right place at the Public Workplace.

No Post-its and Powerpoints here, but wood and metal. No role-playing and pretending, but rolling up your sleeves and get going. With a practical assignment, a visible process and a physical result.

Come together to weld, make furniture or woodwork. Experience immediately what is going well and what could be improved. And leave the workplace with valuable insights and a tangible product of crafstmanship.

The company training courses are guided as standard by one of our OWP craft trainers. This guarantees safety and quality. The trainings are given from 1200,- euro ex VAT from 5 to 30 persons.
Are you facing major challenges and would you like more extensive advice and guidance from a business expert trainer? Then opt for Customized company training.

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