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The location for craft courses in Amsterdam

About us

The Openbare WerkPlaats is an initiative by Remco van der Vecht and Stijn van den Ende. After 10 years, together with a skilled group of workshop managers, we can answer your questions, give tips or explain how a machine works during opening hours.

Stijn van den Ende (formerly independent carpenter and social worker): “I started with the Openbare WerkPlaats because everything I thought I would possibly want to do beforehand, comes together here: working with my hands, design and making things, giving courses and providing training. In short: it is a place for many disciplines, where you can find all sorts of creative people.”, Remco van der Vecht (sociologist and lecturer higher professional education): “My main ambition with the Openbare WerkPlaats is to create a place where people feel like they can do their own thing, fixing and creating unique items. It gives me satisfaction to walk around in a place that we have set up ourselves, with a variety of people doing inspiring things and reinforcing each other.”

We also have a group of more then 30 teachers who provide their knowledge and effort, so we can present al our courses.

Watch this short film where we explain what the Openbare WerkPlaats offers: