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chiseling close-up
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Traditional Furniture Making


Do you want to work on solid wood with proper machines? In this course you start without any prior knowledge, learn to draw up plans for a little stool, then get to work on it and at the end of the course you will take your own finished piece home! In the process, you will get acquainted with the available large woodworking machines and other (electric) hand tools. You will be able to work independently in the workshop after this course.

  • Duration: 6 weeks (6×3 hours) from 19.00h to 22.00h. No course during school holidays.
  • Goal: independent machining of solid wood.
  • Target group: Anyone who wants precise and fast results with solid wood.
  • Level: BASIC-advanced-expert.
  • Content per evening:
    • 1st: Making a drawing. Cutting and planing the rough wood.
    • 2nd: Use of thicknesser and glueing the seat base. Explanation of table and trimming saw.
    • 3rd: Continuing with day 2. Making of the legs.
    • 4th: Rounding the seat base with band saw and sanding belt. making joints with Japanese saw and chisel.
    • 5th: Continuing day 4 & bonding the legs.
    • 6th: Assembling the stool: edging, gluing sanding and finishing.
  • Teacher: Pien Wijling, Harry de Dood, Peter Hanselman, Aad Kruiswijk
  • Form: 5 to 6 persons.
  • Machines: Panel saw, crosscut and mitre saw, band saw, thicknesser, planer, sanding belt and hand-tools.
  • Peculiarities: including materials.

Our courses are partly demand-driven. For each course, the order of subjects and the attention per section can therefore vary, depending on the needs of the participants.