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14 Jan, 2022
Price increase workshop use January 2022

After almost 5 years, we are forced to raise some of our prices for the use of our facilities, etc. You can find our new tarifs at: Workplace prices.

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Summer closure 2022

This summer, we will be closed for 2 weeks during the holidays. To be precise from Saturday the 31st of July to Sunday the 14th of August.

Zomersluiting 2022

Ook dit jaar zijn wij in de zomervakantie 2 weken gesloten en wel vanaf zaterdag 31 juli t/m zondag 14 augustus.

Public Holiday closure 2022

Every year the Openbare WerkPlaats is closed during a number of public holidays. This year it is on: Monday, April 18 (Easter Monday) Wednesday 27 April (King's Day) Thursday 26 May (Ascension Day) Monday 6 June (2nd Pentecost)Public