Team Building (Course Code OWPTB1)

Do you fancy a fun, active day with good food and a lasting memory? Something other than the regular bowling and karaoke? Come in and make some wooden (garden)furniture with your colleagues or friends. If you want, you can use this furniture to eat some delicious food afterwards. If the temperature drops in the evening, we will light up our wood stove. Finally we will deliver this same furniture at a place of your own preference.

We can also offer you one of our regular courses tailor made you your wishes (eg. welding, woodworking and furniture making) We provide the materials, instruction and top class catering if you want the day to last a bit longer. You yourself will have to roll up your sleeves to put an artisanal product together.

For this course, contact us to discuss all the details via (020-4680581) or info@openbarewerkplaats.nl.



Goal: friendly, active, informative and connecting activity.
Duration: from 1 half day and subsequent evening (4 + 3 hours).
Price: Depending on number of persons, activity and catering.
Start Date: by appointment.
Contact: Stijn v/d Ende.
Group size: 4 to 12 persons.
Machines: Depending on the wishes various wood and/or metal working machines.
Details: including material and catering.

Teambuilding personeelsuitje bij de Openbare Werkplaats Amsterdam