Course Conditions


• All course prices include VAT but the prices in brackets are excluding VAT.
• Registration is possible through the website or directly at the office of “de Openbare WerkPlaats”.
• Unpaid registrations are cancelled after 2 weeks.
• If there are more reservations than places, the payment is leading for the order of participation.
• Payment can be made by electronic transfer to IBAN account number NL14INGB0000700399 or by PIN at the office of “de Openbare WerkPlaats”. Do not forget to include your name, the course code and date!
• Payment must be made in full before the course starts. Cancellation with full refund is possible up to 2 weeks before the start of the course.



• The starting point for all courses is to learn to handle the machines and tools safely.
• There is always some flexibility within each course to accommodate individual wishes and needs. Due to the small number of students, waiting times at the machines are short and there is room for adaptations.
• Materials for creation of personal pieces are not always included in the price, but can often be ordered in advance by arrangement. Practice materials are supplied.
• Work pieces that have not been completed during a course can be finished independently by hiring workshop space.
• An introductory or basic course will not address all aspects of a particular department, craft or machine. A follow-up course or supervised independent further development is recommended.



• Minimum age for participation is 18 years. For participation under the age of 18, attendance of a parent / guardian is required (an insurance thing).
• Most courses have a minimum number of places. If there is sufficient interest, those who have registered will be contacted to confirm the course. If the minimum number of participants is not met, those who have registered will be consulted to see if another date might be possible.
• You will be told if a course is being cancelled due to lack of take-up a week before the due start date.
• The group courses take place in the evenings between 7pm and 10pm, unless stated otherwise. Participants are expected to be present on time and to clear up together at the end of each session.
• Wearing of safety equipment (e.g. eye and ear protection) is compulsory. For your own safety, loose clothes and/or hair are not permitted. We advise strongly against wearing synthetic fabrics on courses involving welding.
• During the course, the House Rules of “de Openbare WerkPlaats” apply. These must be read and signed before the start of the course.
• Coffee, tea and lemonade are always included and on the first day/evening we will provide a sweet treat at coffee time.