The Openbare WerkPlaats in the media

October 2013 RTV Noord Holland stopped at the Public Workshop and made a live radio report. Henk Koopmans, teacher Modern Furniture Making, also has a say.

Listen to the radio broadcast on RTV Noord Holland

September 2013 IJburg TV made a report of the open day at the Openbare WerkPlaats and our "Motorcycle Maintenance" course.

Watch the video of IJburg TV on Youtube

August 2013, an article in a paper called 'het Financiele Dagblad', the Openbare WerkPlaats was mentioned as a breeding ground for artisan talent.

Download the pdf "Openbare WerkPlaats in FD" (2 Mb)

April 2013, the Amsterdam TV station AT5 stood on our doorstep for one of their live shows on things to do in the city. In 25 minutes, we showed the location gave a brief introduction into welding. Unfortunately AT5 has taken the film from their website.

Openbare WerkPlaats appears in the media on a regular basis. Do you have a great idea for radio/TV or weblog? Please contact us at: info@openbarewerkplaats.nl.



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