Workplace prices

The Openbare WerkPlaats provides working space and storage, tools, machines, support in word, deed and (small) materials. Workplaces, machinery and tools can be rent per half day. Prices are clear; you pay for what you use.


Prices are in Euros and without 21% VAT (prices in parentheses are including 21% VAT).
Rental of workplaces, tools and machinery is always per half day session of 4 hours: from 9:00 to 13:00, from 13:00 to 17:00 and if possible in the evening from 18:30 to 22:00 (availability in the evening depends on limited availability due to courses being held). We expect you to leave everything tidy after you are finished for the next user.


One-time registration fee

Registration at the Openbare WerkPlaats costs € 25, - (€ 30, -). You'll get a tour of the workshop and a nice t-shirt. We will want to know what you want to do and what skill level you have, both for safety reasons and to facilitate you as well. Finally, we discuss our "House Rules", for which you will sign.


Rental of workbench, tools and machinery

You hire a workbench, including the use of our large fixed machines and handtools. We also rent out an assortment electric and cordless tools seperately for € 5, - per half day (€ 6, -).


There are two sizes of 'workbench' available:
Standard, for most jobs well suited, for € 30, - (€ 36, -) per session.
Large, for jobs where more working space and/or floor space required for € 45, - (55, -) per half day.
For the use of our motorcycle lift (and tools), we charge 25,- (30,-) per half day.


We can charge you 3 supplements in addition to the above amounts:
-Materials used: 10, - (12, -) per additional meter / kilogram (eg. in welding, blasting and milling);
-Explanation: 15, - (18, -) ​​per comprehensive instruction before using a machine unfamiliar to you;
-Intensive use 20, - (25, -) per machine to offset occupancy and additional wear.


Rental of your own workspace

We have got workspaces for rent from € 300, - (€ 326, -) per month for 40 m2 of working area (this includes 20m2 of storage space on the second floor), if rented for 3 months or longer. The use of our fixed machinery and electricity is not included in these prices, but must be bought off for 400,- ex VAT a month. These spaces, if available, can be rented from from 1 week to 1 year.


Rental of storage space

We also provide storage for work in progress. This is a week for € 5, - (€ 6, -) per m2.


Prices for assistance or production

We like to share our knowledge. When we are specifically asked whether we would like to assist you, our rate is € 30, - (€ 36, -) per hour. If we are asked to produce something independently, we have an hourly rate of € 50, - (€ 60, -), including cost estimation and machine utilization.


How to pay

Payment can be done in two ways (always with PIN):

  • At the end of one's work
  • With a pre-purchased credit, in which all the work, fees, storage and the like are kept on a 'kraskaart (scratch card). As a scratch card holder you get 10% off the regular price from a credit of € 200, -. Students receive a 20% discount on the regular price from € 100, - credit.


Download the pdf of our price list(in Dutch): Prijslijst augustus 2017 OWP

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