How it works

If you want to work at the Openbare WerkPlaats, you'll have to register first. That is a one time thing and mainly intended to first get to know each other a little. Some of the machines we have, are simply too dangerous to use without any experience. Read more about this in our 'house rules'. Below, you can read  in which departments you can work. For more information about the prices, read our page 'workplace prices'.


Wood department

The Wood department is our largest department as demand is highest for woodworking. On one side of the department we have different workbenches available and on the other side are all the large machines, such as the 'panel saw' and 'thicknesser'. In addition, universal woodworking hand tools available to all users and more specific (electrical) tools can be rented.


Metal department

The Metal department revolves around iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and all that can be made from it. Besides a number of workplaces and a quantity of basic tools, the welding machines are the mainstay of this department. Again, more specific (electrical) hand tools can be rented too.


Engineering department

The Engineering department is where all the mechanical goods (bicycles, motorcycles, machinery, etc.) can be maintained, restored or built. In this space the lathe, milling machine, sanding belt and an iron saw dominate. A varying amount of (residual) materials is also available. Sandblasting, pressing, bending and cutting is also possible.


Other materials or workmanship

For many other materials or processing of other materials, such as plastic or stone, you can also visit us. Depending on the desired operation, it's possible to make use of machines in different departments or specific devices.