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Basic plumbing course (OWPLGE)

9 november 2018 tot 31 december 2020

Water pipes are still often made of copper, though nowadays drains are made from plastics, usually PVC and PP. You will learn to bend, fit and solder copper. You will also connect a washbasin tap. Modern techniques (pressing) are also discussed but fall outside the practical part of this course. You will connect a drain to a sink and look at how to install a (wall-mounted) toilet, including the ‘theory’ and problems (blockages and leaks) around water pipes and sewerage.


  • Goal: Learning basic plumbing techniques.
  • Target group: People who want to get started in their (new) home with the supply and removal of water.
  • Level: BASIC-advanced-expert.
  • Duration: 5 evenings in 5 weeks (5×3 hours) from 19.00h to 22.00h.
  • Content per evening:
    • 1st: Introduction into water drainage (sewage & toilet).
    • 2nd: Introduction to clean water systems (pipes).
    • 3rd: Practicing measuring, bending and laying copper pipes.
    • 4th: Hands on copper soldering & compression fittings.
    • 5th: Connecting a sink yourself (eg. tap & siphon).
  • Teacher: Dirk Lips.
  • Form: 6 to 8 persons.
  • Machines: Various hand tools.
  • Peculiarities: including materials.



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