Privacy statement

The General Data Protection Act
From 25th of May 2018 onward, the General Data Protection Regulationt (GDPR, in Dutch: Avg) will apply. This privacy legislation replaces the Personal Data Protection Act. This new law also applies to personal data collected and used by the Openbare WerkPlaats (via the website, e-mail or otherwise). This law indicates the rights of someone whose data is used and the duties of the authorities or companies that use data.


What is personal information?

Personal data is defined as data with which one can be traced to an identified or identifiable natural person. Examples of personal data are a name of a person or a home address or personal email address.


How does the Openbare WerkPlaats treat your personal data?

Your data is processed in a careful manner in accordance with the GDPR. We only use personal data internally to register course participants, users of the WerkPlaats and arrange payments. Therefore we are able to communicate with these persons and/or organizations, But also with people who have previously had contact with the Openbare WerkPlaats.


More information?

Our procedure is simple: Your personal data is stored on our secure computer system and physically on paper in folders. You can come and see for yourself where and how we store your data. Do you object to the processing of your personal data, do you want to change it or have it removed? Please let us know: info@openbarewerkplaats.nl.