Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycle Maintenance course (OWPMOE)

The sense of freedom you get from a motorbike is a delight. Doing your own maintenance can be both satisfying and cut costs. This course will provide an insight into the theory, workings and construction of a motor. You’ll carry out a regular maintenance overhaul, starting with things like replacing fluids and wearing parts. There will also be opportunity to tackle minor repairs and electrical problems, and possibly install accessories. This course will pay for itself!


  • Goal: Safe DIY motorbike maintenance.
  • Duration: 1 day (1×6 hours) from 10.00h to 16.00h.
  • Price: € 175,- including (€ 145,- excluding) VAT.
  • Starting date (NEW):
    • Saturday October 6th. 2018
  • Teacher: Remco van der Vecht.
  • Form: 4 to 6 persons.
  • Machines: Your own motorcycle.
  • Hand tools are available.
  • Peculiarities: excluding materials.



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